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Demi Moore & Ashton Kutcher Drama: Who’s Moving Out? (Photo)

The divorce rumors are going to hit a fever pitch today after a moving truck was spotted outside of Demi Moore and Ashton Kutcher’s home in Los Angeles yesterday!
There has been a lot of news surrounding the once happily married couple lately. The infidelity rumors started with his first alleged mistress, Brittney Jones, last year. Just this year, he was said to be cheating on Demi with Sara Leal at the Hard Rock Hotel on the day of their sixthwedding anniversary. SCANDALOUS!
So it wouldn’t surprise us at all if she’s telling him to beat feet. Or perhaps she’s the one doingthe moving out? Either that, or they’re just screwing with us and that truck was totally empty. Can we expect another camping trip? Or are they really just done with it for good this time?

Although the pair are keeping up their loved-up displays in public, insiders claim Demi has looked into hiring a lawyer to divorce Kutcher, who is 15 years her junior.

Demi Moore has reportedly spoken to a lawyer about divorcing Ashton Kutcher (Stephen Lovekin/Getty Images)
Demi Moore has reportedly spoken to a lawyer about divorcing Ashton Kutcher (Stephen Lovekin/Getty Images)
The Two and a Half Men star is said to have greeted his wife with a huge hug after a recent service at the Kabbalah Centre, which they both attended and reportedly left arm in arm.
But insiders claim things are not so rosy behind the scenes and that Demi is 'humiliated' over the claims that Kutcher slept with Ms Leal in a hotel room as he was preparing to celebrate his wedding anniversary.
A source said: 'She desperately wanted to save their marriage. But the Sara Leal story was a hard one for Kutcher to deny because it was backed up by the seedy photos of him partying.'
Meanwhile, an insider from the entertainment industry has said Demi has already spoken with a lawyer about filing for divorce.
So far, representatives have refused to comment on the state of the pair's marriage, however, the New York Post suggested Ms Leal is looking to make money for keeping her silence.
'Sara is talking to multiple media outlets for a deal. She wants $250,000 (£159,000) but the offers haven't been as high. What she really wants is to get a payoff from Ashton,' a source told the newspaper.

sources: http://earsucker.com

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