lunes, 17 de octubre de 2011

Watch: Lady Gaga is a Mermaid With Very Bouncy Boobs in this New Inez & Vinoodh Video for ‘You and I’

Well, Gucci just wrapped, and it was sleek and elegant as could be. So how about a little crazy pants Gaga to shake things up?
Last night at his pop-up shop Nicola’sNicola Formichetti premiered a never-before-seen video of Lady Gaga made during the filming of her music video for “You and I.” The film was directed by fashion photogs Inez & Vinoodh and Formichetti was in charge of the fashions, obvi. Like the nymph, the mermaid is a new-ish Gaga persona (she is a mermaid for parts of “You and I” and occasionally performs as a mermaid in a wheel chair, much to Bette Midler’s chagrin). And in this video she’s awfully realistic as a mermaid, gills and all, beached on a director’s chair. But we can’t stop staring at her boobs, which are barely covered in some fish scales and awfully bouncy in slow motion. Oh, and then there’s that part when she gropes them.

Check the video...

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