lunes, 7 de noviembre de 2011

Rihanna Posts Super Candid Pics of Her Life On Tour

We’ve seen her onstage and in front of the camera, but what happens backstage. Rihanna gave her fans an inside look into her life on the road when these pics surfaced of the “S&M” on Facebook.
Dressed in striped onesies and makeup free, it’s RiRi like you’ve never seen her before, though she’s still super sexy. Click the pics to get a better understanding of the pop star!
RiRi tweeted about the photos, writing:
“New LOUDtourUS #backstage photos up on @facebook … ENJOY!!!! Love wunna real bad!!! kisses to all…AND i want em back!!!!! ;)”
Rihanna is gearing up to release another album and recently debuted her video for her new song “We Found Love.” Check out that video below!

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