miércoles, 9 de noviembre de 2011

A Standard Story by Beth Riesgraf

On the one hand there is the streetwear brand WeSC made in Sweden, which boasts collaborations with undergronud artists, the other the American chain of boutique hotels The Standard, strongly linked to the world of design.

She's what you can define a multi-tasking artist Beth Riesgraf: actress, director and photographer. Currently it is the sensual and eccentric protagonist of the TV series Leverage, while on the big screen he starred in the independent film The White Door alongside Giovanni Ribisi.

The directorial debut was with the documentary that takes place in 2003 America Motel shortly after she co-founded the production company Niva Films (with whom he produced The White Door) that deals with independent screenplays and music videos. She has published her photos of international magazines such as GQ, Nylon, Zink and Arkitip.

A Standard Story is the title of the short film written and directed by Beth in Portland during risprese leveraged, with the background of a song by Ali Helnwein, who has become the soundtrack. Set The Standard in LA, the video is about a party girl who wakes up in an enchanted forest and through a path inside the hotel, where he meets fantastic characters, manages to escape the vision of herself fears becoming: a little adventure that turns into a long journey.

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