miércoles, 10 de abril de 2013

Emporio Armani Spring Summer 2013 Women's Show

The concept of pure style is brought to an extreme pitch in a collection that reflects a "clean" attitude, a way of being and expressing yourself that is simple and natural, and never too affected. A palette comprised of neutral hues with touches of gold/bronze, and a range of warmer cinnamon and spice colours emphasizes the soft forms and perfect shapes. The effect is to frame the wearer's skin as a form of natural make-up.
For day there is a masculine suit with easy, feminine lines, enhanced by matt opaque silk: the trousers are straight and soft and tight at the bottom; jackets have regular shoulders and a barely marked waist, and there are matching light skirts, shorts and tops in the same fabrics and colours.
The knitwear is fluid and creates a youthful and fresh line in neutral pastel hues that are bright and cold.
A new, light, extra-large foulard that enhances the sense of movement is held to the neck by a metal half moon accessory.
As with evening make-up, for this time of day natural shades such as bronze, gold and platinum become iridescent. The design becomes bolder and more linear, and arms and legs are revealed: all-in-ones and dresses become shorter, and tops are dramatically strapless.
The ethos of the moment is enhanced by natural leather or cognac-hued accessories with a saddlery feel: from the visor with raw edges, to driving gloves, to large hoop earrings.

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